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All our university degrees are legally registered

All of our university degree are legally issued by university. Period.
All universities we partnered with are legally operated and legally accredited.

All of our university degree are officially verifiable from the university.

You have acquired your university degree through us will NEVER be mention and NO one can never get the answer by any mean.

No Diploma Mills

We are not selling Diploma Mills degree. Never and Never !


NONE of our universities advertise their “alternative” services anywhere else.
The name of the institutes will only reveal to you once you graduate to ensure a condifential service for all customers.
No one will be able to check or asking for enquiry to know the name of the institutions.

All of our university degree are officially registered

Your record in the university is permanent and never delete.
Your record will be kept in our university database forever and everyone can feel free to verify your record any time.

Comprehensive Supporting Documents

We provide comprehensive supporting documents service like transcripts, student records, reference letter, appreciation letter, acceptance letter, and graduation letter.
We also provide graduation cap, graduation hood and graduation grown for you to purchase if necessary.
Please check if other providers can provide similar service if they are diploma mill.
We won’t charge you extra that you don’t need !
You buy what you need in your workplace or interview.

Quality and Quality

We won’t screw up our reputation by offering too many degrees available in the job market or resume.
We do control the number of degrees and the number of majors issued in each city or country.
We are not diploma mills and fake degree, so we must take this measure to ensure the quality standard.
This is the way to keep your degree valuable and not too overwhelming in the job market.

Fast Shiping

We ship most order within 48 hours by your selected shipping methods.
We have Registered Air Mail, UPS, Fedex, DHL and Speedpost available

All of our university degree are officially registered.

All university degrees are officially registered by the university itself and have a registered records in the school system.

No Life Experience Degree or Work Experience

We guaranteed that you are not purchasing so called “Life Experience Degree” or “Work Experience Degree” in the market, because employment or people can easily to spot out the difference.


All our university degrees are accredited either by regional accreditation agency or International accreditation agency (national accreditation agencies)


Your payment information will be processed by and it is super safe.
Your payment information will not stored in our system and it will stored by our Bank.
We don’t pay the school until they have sent us your university degrees and credentials
All information will be encrypt 256 bit SSL Certificate by GeoTrust and Versign Security to prevent hackers and Spammers.

100% Verifiable of University

All university degrees are 100% verifiable and authentic
If not, we will offer 100% refund
Anyone can verify your degree with your consent by contacting your own
university directly by mail.
Verification service will available to English only

No negative or bad reputation

None of our universities or accreditation agencies are blacklisted.
None of our universities or accreditation agencies have bad reputation online.
None of our universities or accreditation agencies have negative news online.

Affordable Price

All our price are final and there won’t be any discount elsewhere
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You order what you need for supporting documents with your degree

Expert in University Degree

You will know the reasons why we are expert in university degree.
If you can find some other companies offer you the same service, we encourage you to buy from them.
NO Course Work Required
No attendance Required
No Exam Required
No Assignment Required

5 Things to Avoid in Choosing Online University Degree

You have probably read a website offering undergraduate and graduate degrees quickly and conveniently.  At first, it is very tempting to bite the bait but actually when you carefully read the advertisement, these easy to earn degrees are not legitimate.  However, not all companies offering online university degree is a scam.  There are those that understand the legalities of earning a degree that’s why you must be very careful in choosing the right company to help you out with your degree. For your safety, here are things you need to avoid if you are planning to get an online university degree.

  1. Make sure that it is not a diploma mill. Diploma mills are unaccredited institutions that’s why there is no assurance that the degree is qualified.
  2. Always be careful of the tag  ‘life experience degree’.  Although you have the experience and skill to be qualified with the degree, you still need to undergo legal process to prove that you are worth of the online university degree.
  3. Avoid blacklisted universities.  If you have received an email to any of the schools offering a university degree, check first if it has a positive reputation or it meets the standard of official accreditation agencies.
  4. If you have been offered too many courses in a short span of time that is definitely a money-making scam. How could you earn too many degrees in a year?
  5. Do not pay though unauthorized agencies.  Make sure that all the financial transactions are secured and stored in a legitimate bank.

Getting an online degree may be risky but with the right and legitimate company, there is nothing to fear. Buy your online university degree! Online University Degree is here for you !

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